Trip Information

Some info from Mr. Hull,

Hello! I wanted to share a bit of information as to what we've been working out for the orchestra's trip to Austria during spring break 2024! There is an itinerary attached; I encourage you to peruse the sights and think about whether this is a trip your family would be interested in. I have a poll attached as well; please try to complete this by the end of next week. It's clearly not binding in any way, but it really helps at the stage of planning to have an estimate of how many people will likely participate. Some other details:

 - passport required

 - total expense of the package is around $3100; this includes all transportation, two meals a day, and tickets to the listed events

 - there will be a small deposit, $100-200 due likely by the end of this year, with the remainder to be made in about four equal payments over the course of the school year

 - we will have a few fundraising events between now and departure

Foreign travel can be a massively impactful experience that shapes lives; the foreign exchange program I did altered the trajectory of my life and unlocked many opportunities. It provides important context for the music we make, and is often a capstone of high school memories! 


*More Performance Tour of Austria and Germany Spring 2024 Info Coming Soon!*